Luuk Suurmeijer

[ˈlyk ˈsyːɹmɛjəɹ] | he/him

PhD student at the Institut für Sprache und Information at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität. Interested in computational semantics and cognitive modelling. My dissertation is concerned with quantificational reasoning and processing natural language quantifiers, particularly in syllogistic reasoning. Other interests: Information density in language & semantic universals.



Master thesis

Suurmeijer, L. (2021). Compositionality in Distributional Formal Semantics. Universität des Saarlandes. [pdf]

Bachelor thesis

Suurmeijer, L. (2018). R-coloring interactions in Element Theory. Universiteit Leiden. [pdf]

Outside of Academia

Outside of academia I am a music geek. I play trumpet, guitar and I sing on an amateurish level. I am a firm believer in moveable-do as a system of music theory! It is an unlikely hobby coming from the flattest country in Europe, but I enjoy climbing and bouldering. I also enjoy playing board/video games.