Luuk Suurmeijer

[ˈlyk ˈsyːɹmɛjəɹ] | he/him

NLP Graduate. Interested in computational semantics and cognitive modelling. Pragmatic reasoning, Information density in language, and semantic universals.




Master thesis

Suurmeijer, L. (2021). Compositionality in Distributional Formal Semantics. Universität des Saarlandes. [pdf]

Bachelor thesis

Suurmeijer, L. (2018). R-coloring interactions in Element Theory. Universiteit Leiden. [pdf]

Outside of Academia

Outside of academia I am a music geek. I play trumpet, guitar and I sing on an amateurish level. I am a firm believer in moveable-do as a system of music theory! It is an unlikely hobby coming from the flattest country in Europe, but I enjoy climbing and bouldering. I also enjoy playing board/video games.